Battlefield 1 Update: Suez Map Conquest Mode Gets More Capture Points

It's been a good day for all Battlefield 1 fans as DICE launched a new massive update just yesterday bringing new improvements and changes to the game. One of the biggest and most obvious change is in the Conquest mode of the Suez map.

Every Battlefield 1 player knows that the Suez map is the smallest in the conquest mode as it contains only three capture points. DICE expanded it and added two more flags resulting in "one team not being able to capture and lock down all flags as easy as before."

Speaking of flags, the Battlefield 1 developer also noticed that players have difficulty recapturing flags that are within the capture areas located inside the villages. DICE resolved this issue by making the capture size smaller so that there will be less buildings in those areas. This will also allow the losing team to regroup and get back into the battle faster.

Another significant change was in Battlefield 1 Operations mode where the attacking team often loses. To solve that issue, the developer placed more tickets to that side. Thus, an attacking team will be able to capture an area more easily than before because the capture time has been reduced.

There are other cool improvements made in Battlefield 1. Players can now customize their soldiers in the UI. This is good news to players because it was difficult to make a switch in the middle of a battle. DICE also added an armored vehicle to help the losing side have a greater chance to defeat their enemies.

Another feature that received some improvements in the Battlefield 1 update is the weapon balance as well as some tweaks to gadgets and vehicles. With the new update, light machine guns are now more viable as mid-range weapons.

DICE also provided Battlefield 1 with a rent-a-server support. In the coming updates, players should expect to have the ability to buy Battlepacks using real money.

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