Players Of ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon' Pirated Version Gets Banned From The Game; How Not To Be Banned

There have been reports of ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ game being leaked online which have cause confidential information about the game to be shared online. Many of the players have posted the information on Reddit, uploaded their gameplay on YouTube and a lot more. This has probably caught the attention of the game developers and effective today, pirated version players can no longer access the game and have been banned to specific features.

Pirated Version Players Are Getting Banned

Players that have downloaded the pirated version of ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ did not just have complete access to the game but also allowed to go online and battle against other players using the pirated version. But it looks like game developers have quickly identified which player is using a fake version as users rants about their 3Ds no longer has access online for the game and the eshop to buy or download again already owned games.

Banned Players Can No Longer Access Any Game

Most banned players from 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' no longer has access to Nintendo’s eshop which basically means they will never get to play new games using their account. Banned players are trying to think of a solution how they can circumvent the bans and the solutions posted online doesn’t even sound legit. One player suggests to get a new Nintendo 3DS and transferring its new information, possibly the unit’s unique ID, to the banned 3DS with the hope that it will reset old 3DS.

How Not to Be Banned

To make sure a player never gets banned by Nintendo is to never download pirated versions of any game. Especially games as big like ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. Players that have downloaded the game seems to be even proud of their early access without thinking that it will reach the game’s developers prompting them to think of a solution. In this case, a possible permanent ban from the game and other online features.

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