NSA Chief Reveals That WikiLeaks Disclosures During The US Elections Were Planned By A Nation-State

The chief of the National Security Agency, Michael Rogers, revealed at a Wall Street Journal forum on Tuesday that WikiLeaks disclosures in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, publishing classified documents that were stolen from the email private account of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman , John Podesta, was backed and planned by a nation-state, in order to cause an specific effect on the politic event. The NSA chief explained that the actions made by the non-profit organization weren't casually and that the email account wasn't targeted arbitrarily.

The NSA Chief Blamed Russia For Being The One Behind The Hacks

According to Newsweek, the NSA chief said that there´s no doubt about the fact that WikiLeaks was helped by nation-state hackers, because even when the number of cyber criminals around the world is so large that it would make impossible to identify the perpetrators, two-thirds of them are just hackers who are looking to get some money by hacking personal data, and the rest of them are state-sponsored cyber criminals.

Although the NSA chief didn't mention the name of the nation-state in question, it was reported that is on-record that Rogers, told that the one who was behind the hacks were the Russian government. In fact, some weeks before the elections the U.S. intelligence publicly blamed the Kremlin for perpetrating a cyber strike on the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

No One Knows What Would Trump´s Government Do If These Accusations Are Proven

Naturally, both WikiLeaks and the Russian government have denied these accusations, saying that they are not interfering with the elections. However, as reported in a previous article, some days ago a pro-Kremlin analyst called Sergey Markov confessed that Russia might help the transparency radical organization in order to get the Republican candidate Donald Trump elected. If its proved what the NSA chief said, it is expected to see which would be Trump´s government response to this issue, considering that he was the one who benefits from the cyber-criminal actions.

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