The Most Incredible Fake US Elections News Stories From Google And Facebook

Fake US elections news
Recently, many people blamed Facebook for influence the U.S. elections by letting Donald Trump said what he wants on the platform.
Google recently launched its fact-check feature, which mark the fake news. Photo : Youtube/Top Trending

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections were characterized for Trump´s controversial comments, Hillary Clinton´s FBI emails, WikiLeaks and many other things that turned this event into one of the most outstanding moments of this year. However, one of the things that also happened where false news regarding both of the candidates, which appeared on Facebook and even Google.

These tech companies have been recently criticized for letting this to happen, considering that many believe that it could harm this important event. In order to show the insanities that were published, here are the most incredible fake U.S. elections news stories that were released on Google and Facebook.

 The Clintons Ordered To Kill An FBI Agent Who Was Investigating The Email Issue

For the media and the film industry, there´s nothing better than a conspiracy in which someone is investigating a delicate case that could destroy a powerful politician interest, and ends up assassinated and manipulated so it looks like a suicide. Series as True Detective and Lost has used this plot, and in the reality, there was a case in Argentina a little while in which a lawyer was killed while he was about to reveal delicate information about the president.

Believe it or not, this was a case than an American fake news media published a few days before the elections. The Denver Guardian reported that an FBI agent who was investigating Clinton´s use of private emails was found dead with his wife in an what it looked like a murder-suicide. The website explained that the officer was called Michael Brown and that instead of being the typical case in which the husband kill his wife and he kills himself, it was actually a "hit job" planned by the Clintons.

The Pope Gave His Support To Donald Trump

Whether you like it or not, the West civilization has always seen the word of the Pope as one of the most important opinion that could exist, to the point in which if he says something about anyone, most of the people would believe it. We´re talking about an incredible power that has been around for centuries and it haven't changed its influence in politics.

Maybe this was the premise that WTOE 5 News studied, giving the fact that this guy reported that Pope Francis endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump, explaining that Hillary Clinton was a corrupt politician who was going to send the U.S. to hell if she got elected. Although you can see the lie in every single word of the information, this was one of the most famous fake U.S. elections news stories, to the point where it was shared 98,000 on Facebook.

The Most Incredible Fake US News: Kurt Cobain Predicted Trump´s Triumph

For some bizarre and inexplicable reason, one of the most usual posts in the social is the image in which is showed a famous celebrity predicting the political event of the moment. Most of this posts have been manipulated, but there still existing on the web, and it was obvious that it would go to happen in the U.S. presidential election.

The surprise was that the celebrity who was chosen to play the role of the prophet who will see in his time what will go to happen in 2016, was the legendary rockstar and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. It was sad and ugly, giving the fact that it was a poorly photoshopped image in which it was showed a supposed quote by the singer made in 1993, where he explained that in the end, his generation will choose for president a businessman who doesn't represent any of the traditional parties, who always fight for people´s right, a whose name is Donald Trump.

The most incredible detail about this depressing fake U.S. elections news in not only the fact that Kurt Cobain never said something as bizarre as that, but also that his name was misspelled as "Curt", which could be even worse than trying to manipulate people and make them believe that an important celebrity predicts Trump´s triumph back in the days.

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