Overwatch News: The D.Va PTR Bugs That Were Not Fixed Following The Last Update

The biggest Overwatch update recently went live and it brought virtually every PTR changes there is including the new hero, the Mexican hacker Sombra and the Arcade which offers a myriad of game modes. Aside from that, the patch update also brought numerous hero balance changes and bug fixes but despite all of that, it appears that Blizzard has forgot to fix the classic D.Va bugs that were reported way back in beta.

Overwatch D.Va Bugs

If you dug deep into the Overwatch community forum, you'll be able to read numerous bug threads particularly for D.Va that has gone unnoticed or snubbed by Blizzard entirely. Today, we're going to discuss about the recurring bugs for the hero and how it affects D.Va players as a whole. First off, let's first discuss the D.Va and Ana Bug and how despite being an obvious and common bug, wasn't even noticed and fixed by Blizzard.

D.Va Bug #1

The bug was reported on a Reddit post which you can find here. Basically, the bug happens when Ana casted her ultimate (Nano Boost) on D.Va (both in and out of mech). Ana's Nano Boost in the past gives players movement speed boost aside from its other effects. But take note that in the latest Hero Balance Changes, this movement speed buff was removed. You can find all the patch notes here. Regardless of the balance update, there's no way that the Nano Boost can lower the movement speed of a targeted player. Therefore, this is a clear indication that there's a broken mechanic between D.Va and her interaction with Nano Boost. And yes, this bug is still live to date.

D.Va Bug #2

The second bug, which was also discussed on the same Reddit post, is when D.Va uses her ultimate, Sef-Destruct in conjunction with her skill Boosters. The bug happens when D.Va casts Self-Destruct while casting Boosters mid-air. What happens is that, D.Va is flunged high above the ground which is similar to a pilot's "eject" button. In short, D.Va flies a couple of stories high depending on how long you hold the Boosters. This was already reported in the community forum but many were shocked that it didn't get fix after the last patch that included bug fixes.

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