'Stranger Things' Eleven To Star In 'The Walking Dead' As A Zombie?

Millie Bobby Brown of “Stranger Things” have admitted she did everything she could just to be considered as a cast in “The Walking Dead”. She reveals her fondness for the series and she said she could even take the role of a zombie if asked.

In the recent Rhode Island Comic Con, Millie Bobby Brown speaks up how badly she wants to be a part of “The Walking Dead” cast and she doesn’t even care what character she needs to play just to be included. She said “There’s this one show I just want to be on so badly. I’ve tried everything to get on The Walking Dead. I don’t even care if I’m a zombie!”

And it looks like she’s really doing everything she can to be noticed as she even announced she is aware that Negan from “The Walking Dead” will be visiting the comic con on the very same day. It was not confirmed if Negan was there and heard what Brown said but it’s all over the internet now so it’s all up to the showrunners now whether they will accept Brown’s offer.

Aside from being a zombie, Millie Bobby Brown also admitted she would love to one day play the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars. She would love to portray tough and strong princess who can defend herself from her enemies.

After the season 1 of “Stranger Things”, Eleven’s return in the series was not clear to the point that fans started to believe she will not be reprising her role. However, the showrunners and cast have lately dropped hints that Eleven will be coming back in season 2.

There is no news yet when season 2 will premiere. All that is known is that the series is already in the works and have added a couple of new kids and teens in the cast. All four lead star kids are confirmed to reprise their role.

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