Minecraft Exploration Update Goes Live In PC and Mac, Here's What To Expect

Minecraft just received a new update today. Fans are very excited as the latest update offers a lot of new features to the game. Minecraft has been a success throughout the years. The consistent update of the game is what the fans really love. Although the game is a bit old, fans can clearly be complacent that the game is not going anywhere. One of the main reasons is the new update today, which is called The Exploration Update.

Cartographer NPC Enters The Minecraft World

Fans can definitely enjoy the new features of Exploration Update. It offers a new NPC to the game, which is called Cartographer, who trades Special Maps for some emeralds. The Special Maps will show the location of hidden treasures in the game. Due to this, players can definitely enjoy the adventure even more.

Llamas Will Bring Huge Help To The Minecraft Adventurers

Llamas will be a very helpful animal in the game. It has the ability to carry the items from players, which could be a huge benefit, as players can transfer items to different locations more convenient. Having Llamas in the Minecraft world will totally change the way players organize their items.

Shulker Boxes Will Remove All Transferring Hassle In Minecraft

Players pick up items one by one while transferring to another place. It takes a lot of time while transferring, which players really hate. Shulker Boxes will remove all of that inconvenience, as they will retain the items inside even if the box was destroyed. Players will definitely look forward to craft it early in the game.

Woodland Mansion And Ocean Monuments Will Bring More Challenge To The Minecraft World

These are mostly the dungeons that players will encounter, as they seek to travel the treasures in the Special Maps. Woodland Mansion is swarmed with Illagers, which is a bad human that has special equipment to fight players. Ocean Monuments however, has a new enemy called Spiny Guardians as well. This monster drops useful materials for players to craft. Minecraft adventurers will definitely look forward to farm this new material, as it offers a good item to craft.

Minecraft is available to play on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android and PC.

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