'Dance Moms' Season 7 Air Date And Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler And Chloe Lukasiak Won't Return; New Season To Cover Abby's Court Hearing

Numerous controversies keep on hounding ALDC owner Abby Lee Miller, and her legal issues are already affecting the yet to premiere "Dance Moms" season 7. With Abby's alleged difficult behavior, stars like Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak already left the show earlier this year. Now that the show is suffering from slumping ratings, talks have it that Miller is currently wooing her ex-students to return and help the show improve its standing.

"Dance Moms" Season 7 Speculations

"Dance Moms" season 6 is only an episode towards its finale and season 7 is expected to return immediately on Nov. 29. However, with the latest controversial explosives involving Miller, the show's rating has dropped down significantly. Two fan favorites, Ziegler and Lukasiak, also left the show which has long been speculated as a major reason why the show's ratings keep on slumping.

Lukasiak dished the show in 2014 while Ziegler left just this May. Both dancers pursued their careers and made several TV appearances where Lukasiak was even signed in Lifetime's TV movie, "Center Stage: On Pointe." Likewise, Ziegler's career blossomed as Fox took her as a judge in "So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation." With Miller seeing both teens doing well on TV, she has high hopes that the two coming back to the show will give it a better atmosphere that will earn it more seasons.

Miller is known not only for her pristine dance skills and her court cases. She is also said to be famous for her egoistic behavior which her students' moms agreed with. It can be remembered that Miller slammed speculations that she is troubled by Lukasiak and Ziegler's rising to fame. The mothers in "Dance Moms" also believed that Miller considers the two as her competition and is bothered by that fact that her show is affected with the departure of her best dancers. Yet things seemingly changed when reports surface that she is attempting to invite the Lukasiak and Ziegler for a showdown on "Dance Moms" season 7.

No Maddie Ziegler And Chloe Lukasiak Comeback

However, Lukasiak and Ziegler reportedly turned down the offer since they are both busy with their solo careers and ventures. In fact, Lukasiak has recently expressed her interest in debuting her own clothing line. Reports also have it that the 15 year-old dancer is looking to add shoes and bags in her planned clothing line.

Meanwhile, "Dance Moms" season 7 is less than two weeks away and fans are guessing how the show will run without Miller. The "Dance Moms" coach has been charged with 20 count of fraud earlier this year and she is set to hear her sentence in January 2017. Viewers though will see the dance guru in the first nine episodes which, according to previous reports, were already being filmed. Some are also expecting to see how the court deals with Miller since it will also define the future of the reality show.

How Miller will manage her dance studio behind the bars or how she will let someone take over her place will be revealed in "Dance Moms" season 7.

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