The Urge To Use The Internet Is More Than The Cravings For Alcohol, Chocolates And Even Sex, Study Finds

In a recent study of 1,700 professionals across America and Europe, spearheaded by Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass, it was found that nearly 40.2 percent of people now considers WiFi as their number one "human luxury or necessity." The study findings show that the urge to use WiFi has now been ranked above sex at 36.6 per cent and alcohol at 14.3 percent.

The Rise Of Internet Craving vs Other Needs And Wants

In the study, Daily Mail has reported that participants were asked about their connectivity habits, preferences and expectations. It was found that after asking each respondent, a survey has been then conducted which aims to gather opinions about their level of dependence on mobile connectivity. Then consequently, it came out as WiFi being the number one daily essential.

For Patricia Hume, chief commercial officer of iPass, she claimed that apart from the fact that WiFi is now considered by majority as the most popular method of internet connectivity, it has also been found that WiFi has actually surpassed a lot of other human luxuries and necessities.

Internet In The Lineup Of Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

Furthermore, in of her statement reported by Breitbart News Network, Hume has also added that just a few years ago, the idea of WiFi being considered as more important than sex alcohol and chocolate would have been unimaginable. Additionally, as time passes, it turns out that the internet appears to be on the bottom line of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which is also found as a longstanding joke in geek culture.

Authorities suggest that these findings should already serve as a constant reminder of the increasing impact of Wi-Fi on people's lives, with 75 percent of respondents of the study also claiming that have regular accessto Wi-Fi had improved their quality of life. At some point, it may be a source of advantages but we cannot deny the fact that we still need to be vigilant about the way people particularly teenagers use the internet, how it's being used and the purpose of using it.

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