David Blaine's Frog Magic Overwhelms Dave Chappelle, Drake, Steph Curry And More

Frog Trick for Drake, Steph Curry, & Dave Chappelle - David Blaine
Frog Trick for Drake, Steph Curry, & Dave Chappelle - David Blaine Photo : ABC Television Network / YouTube

David Blaine has been doing his magic tricks and illusion for the longest time. Some of those tricks are out of this world and considered very dangerous and should be done strictly by professionals only.

David Blaine's Beyond Magic

The last time we saw one of David Blaine specials was last November 19, 2016. He starred in a 90-minute ABC television special called "David Blaine: Real or Magic." Dave performed his stunts from everywhere, from the streets, building apartment, to the ballpark and everything you can think of. He started by asking certain questions and making them a part of his performance.

Last night, we were able to see David Blaine and his street magic. The television special only lasted around 40 minutes, however as some fans and viewers say, it is more than enough to see what he is capable of. Although most fans were craving for more tricks from the endurance artist, he was just provided limited time. Amongst the trick that he made was when he catches a .22-caliber bullet in a small metal cup in his mouth.

David Blaine is a risk taker and we all knew that. He keeps on pushing the envelope and wants to prove that he is in another stratosphere compared to other illusionists or magicians. David did a lot of things that makes us wonder if he is human. Remember the time when he was submerged in a container and was able to last for about 17 minutes? How about strucking himself with an ice pick? Unfortunately, that is not the scariest and weirdest trick David attempted.

David Blaine's Frog Trick

I remember the time when David Blaine tried to reenact an old trick where he drinks a lot of water and bringing it back over. This trick was one of the oldest in the book as it goes back in the 1930's. This was made famous by Hadji "regurgitator" Ali. David searched across the globe to find the answer on that trick until he found a modern-day magician named Winston.

However, David Blaine was not contented with the magic trick that Hadji Ali and Winston perfected. He added a personal touch and a crazy twist on a trick that is already hard to mimic. The late night show with Jimmy Fallon got in touch with David Blaine and his representatives to make this rare television guesting and David didn't disappoint the fans and the crowd in the studio. David performed some ridiculous card tricks such as guessing what card Jimmy is thinking of and transferring card from one deck to another just by shuffling it.

The most bizarre trick however is when David Blaine appears to spit live frogs out of his mouth. If you don't find it crazy then I don't know what excites you. There are a lot of questions surrounding that epic trick. How long has he been keeping the frog in his mouth? How many frogs are in his mouth exactly? How did he perform the trick when he showed to everybody that there's nothing in his mouth. Those questions will never be answered by magicians but will be exposed by their counterparts.

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry, Drake and Jimmy Butler all witnessed that amazing trick and until now they are still bewildered on what just happened. In a classic David Blaine reaction, he just laughed and looked at them.

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