Genital Jousting Is A New Multiplayer Game That Lets You Battle With Penises

The perks of independent game distribution have brought us another hilariously perfect game not people of all ages can enjoy. A game geared mainly toward adults, Genital Jousting is an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses. And it's now available as an Early Access Game on Steam.

 Genital Jousting Stiffly Encourages Consent

Genital Jousting is a squelchy milk-load of fun currently in its development by independent developer Free Lives but with a gameplay that focuses on consent. The online and local multiplayer can have a minimum of three and maximum of eight members to satisfy. You need to work together as you joust with anonymous players from all over the world.

Genital Jousting also has Traditional mode, where players are tasked to get cozy and snug inside a hole by way of sloppy intercourse in a throbbing quick-paced gameplay. Party mode contains randomized games where you can either spray colored jizz against an opposing team or the majority of the area to win, race through a field of cacti, travel through space, or round up wiener dogs. Players can also get down and dirty by customizing their penises, decorate them with the most appealing outfits and don their favorite colors.

Genital Jousting May Never Come To Consoles

Because of the consoles' strict rules in marketing games and distribution, Genital Jousting may never come to any of the current console available, especially Sony's. Though our general sensitivities around dicks may create unease, the hilarity and surprise factor of the game makes up for the overall uncomfortable feeling. Whether the companies decides it's time for a dick-load of fun to come to the consoles is entirely up to them, meanwhile, we can still play this game on PC.

Genital Jousting is an Early Access game planned to launch in the first half of 2017 but the developers Free Lives claimed it may lengthen due to community excitement and positive feedback. We can expect more games and challenges, expanded multiplayer coverage online, new costume designs and even a single player campaign in the future. Possibilities of a price increase may also happen but it's currently available for $4.99 on Steam.

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