Pokemon GO Update: Why Niantic Still Runs The Company With 70 Employees Despite The Millions Of Dollars

Pokemon GO is now if not the, then most certainly included to the list of most successful mobile games in the history of gaming. Despite this, Niantic admits people behind the augmented reality game and the company itself is composed of no more than 70 employees. Fans have claimed it's no wonder they keep making bad decisions on updates; they simply can't run the largest mobile game in history with a 70 person team.

Pokemon GO Should Have Its Own Dedicated Team

Niantic admits that the company is still made up of only 70 people and they are running both Pokemon GO and Ingress, the latter all but ditched and shoved aside in lieu of the former's success. Fans have claimed they may only be a few people who actually leads and calls the shots on changes that get implemented within the game. Considering this, it may be no surprise most of these changes are terrible. It's apparently not hard for such a small team with a small number of people to make bad and questionable decisions.

Pokemon GO has been running for four months and Niantic has raked in millions of dollars but a dedicated team for each game they have is still missing. By this point, their total number of employees should've increased considerably. So Niantic's next move should be focused on hiring a new Pokemon GO team that fans dubbed 'actually cares about the game' capable of making healthy decisions and Niantic can just sit back and watch the cash roll in while Niantic's main team focuses on their 'baby' Ingress.

Why Does Ni­antic Have 70 Employees Despite Pokemon GO's Success

According to Niantic's CMO Mike Quigley, they are expecting the team to double in size over the course of the next year; a painstakingly slow growth from 70 to 140 - 150 range by the middle of 2017. This is due to their mindfulness of the costs and how they scale. Niantic is growing but they want to do it responsibly and carefully.

Their recent additions to Pokemon GO has all been but responsible and careful. Not to mention the issues Pokemon GO had and still has when it started. Niantic should've prepared the addition of employees and teams from the start.

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