Edward Snowden´s Files Reveals that AT&T Long Lines Buildings Is The Core Center Of An NSA Mass Surveillance Program

Leaked files by former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst Edward Snowden in 2013, revealed that New York Skyscraper AT&T Long Lines Buildings is the nerve center of a mass surveillance program called "Blarney", which has been used for years to spy the communication of targets, including the World Bank, the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of Japan and many countries as Brazil, North Korea, Germany, Mexico, Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Edward Snowden Files Shows That The Building Has Been Use To Run Blarney

This surveillance tool was reportedly able to scooped up and retained the metadata and the entire content of faxes, phone calls and any kind of internet activity, by exploiting "commercial partnerships" to gather "intelligence obtained from global networks". Edward Snowden´s files show that the information was structured in six categories: diplomatic, economic, political, counterterrorism, military and counter-proliferation.

The 550-foot high-rise building has been characterized for being a windowless tower which was designed to keep enough food and supplies for 1,500 people for 14 days, in case a nuclear strike hits the country. However, documents revealed that the NSA refers to the AT&T building as TITANPOINTE, which is the place where the program Blarney runs.

The CIA And The White House Has Requested Operations With Blarney

Another Edward Snowden file reveals two guides from April 2011 on the Blarney program and another from February 2013, in which the former NSA analyst explains in the first that TITANPOINTE is located in New York City, and tell that that later refers to some "partner" named LITHIUM, which is the codename that the NSA puts AT&T, which apparently cooperated with the agency.

Some other Edward Snowden´s files also named "customers" the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Department of State, the Secretary of Defense, Homeland Security and even the White House, which clearly shows how the mass surveillance program Blarney was used many time to fulfill the U.S. government interests.

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