Dishonored 2 Review: There Is No Correct Way To Play The Game

Dishonored 2 Gameplay Livestream with the Devs
There are games that just leaves you with all the goodies for killing and it's up to you on how to use them. Dishonored 2 is definitely one of them, mix and match your abilities and be creative on your kills. Photo : YouTube / GameSpot

There is more than one way to skin a cat. That is the concept of Dishonored 2's gameplay. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish a mission; it depends on your morals and values. Although, ultimately you'd get to kill someone along the way, as long as you get things done, it's practically fine.

In analogy to music genres, Dishonored 2 is like jazz-fusion where the time signature often changes as compared to any basic song where everything is straight forward. The same thought is being expressed at They also posted that failing at something makes it interesting as you continue on to experiment with how everything goes with whatever scenarios are happening.

As a person with video games and music as interest, I am impressed by how the referred gaming site described Dishonored 2. Personally I'd go stealth all the way but when I stumbled upon that description for the game, it made me realize that I could be doing missions in other angles and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it differently.

The players will be so deeply absorbed in the game that interest on trying to tinker around, doing experimentations with powers and proper way to go with a certain mission, will be the primary concern as opposed to just trying to find out the right way to perform a task. The game has been deemed "an immersive sim" and it is a perfect way to describe Dishonored 2.

Games nowadays, have been adapting the 'there's no right solution' concept. Some even have different endings as to how the game ends, but this would be a problem for sequels. Take for instance, Splinter Cell, where at some point on Double Agent where Fisher can choose to kill Lambert or not. Ultimately, Ubisoft went on the version where Lambert died.

So in summary, I'm pretty cool with different ways to accomplish missions as long as it won't disrupt the linear story of the game where players might get confused on which is canonical and which is disregarded.

Dishonored 2, by the way, is a stealth video game with a hint of action-adventure if you choose to do it. It is developed by Arkane Studios under Bethesda Softworks publishing license. The game's setting is set along the coastal city of Karnaca, timeline is 15 years after the first game. Empress Emily Kaldwin is already overthrown and becomes a playable character. The player can also decide to take control over father Corvo Attano. Both aim to reclaim the throne.

This is where the fun starts; Emily and Corvo can acquire their different sets of supernatural abilities. With the set of powers they now have, it is up to the player to mix and match abilities and scenarios to accomplish any mission. As per any game, you can choose to be stealthy or go all-out Rambo. Eitherway, let me congratulate Bethesda for rolling out such an awesome game.

Dishonored 2 is already out for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. How do you feel about the games experimentation concept? Are you a stealthy player or just shoot everyone in the way? Send us your thoughts on the comments section below.

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