Twitter Is Also Cloning Snapchat By Releasing Its New QR Codes Feature

Twitter has now become another social network who copies Snapchat features since now it has adopted QR codes as a new app for iOS and Android, in which you can easily promote your account and follow other users by scanning its QR codes on their profiles. This work exactly like Snapchat Snap Codes, and is being rolled out worldwide.

Finding The QR Codes Will Be Very Easy

According to Mashable, if you use iOS, you can find your QR codes by heading to your profile and get on the setting menu. On the other hand, if you use Android, the QR codes can be easily found under the "..." menu. Although it is a total copy of the Snapchat feature that was launched five years ago, the big difference with this one is that you can´t customize your QR codes, but you can change the color of it, every time you open your Twitter profile.

This new feature was announced on the social network by one of Twitter´s designers, Brittany Forks, in a tweet that was embedded below, in which she referenced its similarity to how Snapchat users currently share their QR codes. Although this feature has being launched worldwide, it is not available for all users just yet, so you just have to wait for a little if you still can´t find it.

Twitter Is Doing A Lot Of Moves To Stop Its Users´ Leak

This is definitely one of Twitter´s most important moves in the last months, giving the fact that this social network has been facing a leak of users for a while, to the point where several analysts consider that this company is not profitable, and the board member wants to sell it. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been trying to solve this issue by adding new options and features to the platform, but none of these has given good results yet. In fact, it was reported that in addition to the QR codes, Twitter also released its new-anti-harassment feature to stop the abusive behavior.

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