Overwatch Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks Essential For Noobs

Overwatch: A Complete Beginners Guide
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To celebrate Overwatch's free to play promo this weekend starting from November 18-21, those who wish to play the game will be most likely beginners of the game. So here's a guide to help players who wish to download the free trial and get a theoretical advantage. Here are Overwatch's beginner's guide and newbie essentials.

Overwatch Hero Roles And Abilities

Overwatch offers a lot of unique and playable heroes, each one with a different personality; and it is probably one of the most charming aspects of the game. Each hero has different roles and these roles are divided into four: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offensive heroes generally have low health pools but they're good for scouting, harassing enemies and pressing objectives. Defensive heroes specialize in locking down specific areas and protecting objectives in Overwatch. Tanks have the largest health pools so they can absorb a lot of damage but their large characters make them easy targets for the enemy. Support heroes are tasked with assisting and buffing their team but they also must be protected by the rest since they can't win in 1v1.

One of the most interesting features of Overwatch is the Health, Armor, and Shields. All of which are included in your health bar but offers quite different perks. Shields are your blue bars, yellow are the armor bars, and your main health is the white bars. Shields will regenerate after not taking damage for three seconds, once it is depleted, the damage will then be dealt with the armor which takes damage at a reduced rate. There are two types of armor: Natural and Given, the former being your real armor and the latter is given to you by another character and cannot be healed unlike the first one. Health functions just like any health bars in Overwatch; you will die when it reaches zero and can only regenerate if you are healed with the exception of the support character Mercy.

Overwatch Team Players: A Key Factor To Dominating

The most important factor to win games in Overwatch is keeping tabs on the hero selection. Your team should observe diversity and equal spread of heroes in terms of roles and abilities. Each team must consist of at least one Healer and one Tank to dominate and win.

It's important to pay attention to the tip section of the hero selection screen to know if your team is missing a key hero role in Overwatch. Each hero counters and can be countered by any of the enemy heroes so it's a good strategy to change your character depending on the hero lineup of the enemy. Adapting and changing in response to the enemy heroes' choices is important to keep the lead or catch up easily.

Overwatch Headshots And Health Packs: More Factors To Dominate

Like many first-person shooters, scoring headshots will deal double damage and will help you stay on top with consistent hits on headshots. While headshots are important, keeping your character in top shape with no support characters around is a priority so keep an eye out for Health Packs. These Overwatch Health Packs will respawn after a while of being used, and knowing the location of each is extremely important.

Overwatch General Tips And Tricks

To dominate Overwatch, even the small things can impact your game immensely. One of the mistakes most beginners make is they tend to save their ultimates. It's suggested to not hesitate in using your ultimates quickly even if the timing isn't perfect as it's not that hard to recharge them. Frequent ultimate use will have a significant impact on your gameplay.

It's also a good strategy to target support heroes first, as they can resurrect or buff their allies which will give you a harder time dominating all throughout if not dealt with initially. If your current character isn't working, it's not a bad idea to change heroes to adapt to the enemies. Lastly, working and coordinating with your team to execute combos and strategies is the best way to dominate in Overwatch. Take heed of these Overwatch tips and tricks and you'll be enjoying the game, basking in glory in no time.


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