Snorlax Spawn Pattern in Pokemon GO Revealed!

Snorlax is the kind of Pokemon GO creature that one can't simply judge by its looks. Call him fat or whatsoever -- or a specie fond of sleeping -- but it has the potential to conquer and/or defend gym battles. Heck, it's even safe to say that most players want to own this Pokemon. Well, for those who are looking to acquire one (or catch more), know that there's a spawn pattern to follow.

A Reddit user by the name of Leandroxk dropped the big reveal about Snorlax's Pokemon GO spawn pattern. The player pointed out that he's part of a Whatsapp group created primarily for the game. There, him and along the other members share information and/or sightings of other Pokemon (i.e. Dragonite and Lapras, among others). Surprisingly, he was able to discover the aforesaid pattern.

According to the aforementioned Pokemon GO player, Snorlax tends to spawn or appear in every 1 hour. Though it may vary in terms of minutes, the figures don't differ that much. In fact, this is feasible, as Niantic previously changed the spawn rates (check it here). The pattern suggests to follow the 60 degrees direction, where the aforesaid Pokemon usually pops. The interval between spawns is around 2 KM. If, for instance, a region or location doesn't have any spawn points, the creature will instead appear nearby.

It's also worth noting that the said Pokemon GO spawn pattern for Snorlax happens 2 to 3 times a day. Otakukart, on the other hand, shared some screenshots showcasing the pattern. As per the photos, one can see a triangular formation, with each tip being the spawn points. So far, as what Leandroxk said in his post, a good number of players can confirm this activity.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Snorlax is among the favorite Pokemon GO creatures for gym battles. With the kind of stats it has, this is not entirely surprising. Nonetheless, with the supposed arrival of Tyranitar (probably via Gen 2 update), gym battles will be little different.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO spawn pattern for Snorlax? Have you given it a try already? If so, share to us your experience at the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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