Apple Now Offers Lower Service Price To Fix Multi-Touch Issues On iPhone 6 Plus

Some iPhone 6 Plus users are have been some problems with their devices. Among these include a flickering display or an issue on its Multi-Touch. Apple just announced that it is going to fix these iPhone 6 Plus devices for only $149. This is a lower service price compared to the previous $329 that users were paying.

A Lower Service Price

Apple posted on its website that some of these iPhone 6 Plus devices might exhibit the said issues. The tech giant claimed that it is caused by dropping the phones multiple times on a hard surface. The company assured customers that they will repair their devices for a service price of only $149. Provided that the owners meet the following requirements: the device should be exhibiting the given symptoms, it is in working order and the screen is neither cracked nor broken.

Apple also said that customers who have paid the original service charge to fix their iPhone 6 Plus devices will get a reimbursement. The tech company will be contacting them through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for the arrangement. If they have not been contacted yet, they are advised to contact Apple. Users should also back up their data to iTunes or iCloud.

Naturally, your reimbursement amounts to around $180 if you have paid as much as $329.

What Really Causes The Problem On iPhone 6 Plus Devices?

Back in October, the Business Insider was already aware of the issues encountered by iPhone 6 Plus users. Most of the affected people were actually frustrated on Apple's $329 service charge. This is despite the fact that the company had been aware of the flaw in some iPhone 6 Plus devices.

In addition, the tech company still insists that the problem is not caused by an engineering defect. Apparently, there might be an issue with an internal part of the phone. The flickering display shows a grey bar at the top. Eventually, the screen would be unresponsive to touch.

It was recently reported that a consumer protection group in China is investigating the incidents of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S randomly shutting down. Apple was asked to identify the exact problem and resolve it.

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