iPhone 8 Update: OLED Display To Come In Limited Model

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not the iPhone 7 Plus makes a smart buy because Apple is scheduled to wow the tech world with its anniversary device, the iPhone 8, next year. Initial reports indicated amazing specifications and an all new design. However, rumors now are saying that these changes might only be incorporated into select devices.

As noted by Tech Times, Apple will be outfitting the iPhone 8 with an OLED design, which would make the unit's display more vibrant. But as the publication continues, the four main suppliers of OLED displays are having trouble matching the Cupertino-based company's demands. Reportedly, these production constraints might last until 2018.

OLED screens are one of the more difficult pieces of a smartphone to manufacture, yet the demand for them is increasing. None of the four largest suppliers - Samsung Display Co., LG Display Co., Sharp Corp., and Japan Display Inc. - have the capacity to work with Apple solely. Not even Samsung, which was rumored to be the supplier for weeks now.

Though nothing is confirmed at this point, it seems likely that Apple will only incorporate the OLED display feature in one of the models in its next generation. "Apple has already figured in there will be high demand for the OLED model and they've also figured out there will be constraints to these panels," Dan Panzica, a supply chain analyst at IHS Markit told Bloomberg. It seems that the higher end model, which might be called the iPhone 8 Plus, will sport the OLED screen, while the base model will sport an LCD display.

However, this lack of stock might spell trouble for Apple, as the display quality of a smartphone is a heavy driving force in the market. "Display technology is still a pretty key driver of the purchasing experience," Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, told the publication. Furthermore, the OLED screen might be driving force in the rest of the overall design of the handheld, particularly the edge-to-edge display feature.

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