Will Destiny 2 Be Announced At PlayStation Experience Or The Game Awards? This Is What Deej Says

Destiny 2 is all over the community as Bungie hasn't totally been reticent about it. In fact, the forthcoming title had already been confirmed to be released in 2017. The latest update for Destiny 2 is the "still a mystery" statement of David "Deej" Dague regarding him and his team bound for Anaheim, California by the first week of December. Is this about Destiny 2?

Bungie At PlayStation Experience

In the wake of speculations as to what Destiny 2 would offer when it comes out in 2017, Bungie has remained silent and discreet leaving all of these assumptions dangling. Even so, a recent report from VG247 stated that the British game developer could be officially announcing the next game installment. This report came after knowing that Bungie's community manager David "Deej" Dague shared in the community that his team will be heading to Anaheim, California by the first week of December.

Bungie At The Game Awards

There's no specific detail if the team is indeed attending the PlayStation Experience come Dec. 3-4 as the executive stated, "The particulars of our mission are still a mystery. We'll cross that finish line soon." Even if Deej did not give any confirmation at all with regard to their purpose visiting California, details seem to fit in with the PlayStation Experience event. On the other hand, it is important to note that Dec. 3-4 is just a couple of days to Dec. 1 when The Game Awards commences. Since it debuted in 2014, this annual event has been hosting up and coming game titles. Will Bungie launch Destiny 2 at The Game Awards or do a public demo at the PlayStation Experience event? If Bungie is to kill two birds with one stone, then Destiny fanatics must be happy now.

Sparrow Racing League Announcement

In the meantime, if Bungie is not yet ready to spill some details about the title then it is most likely that the mystery mission of the team is the announcement of the Sparrow Racing League event. There have been no confirmed details about this too, but upcoming content has already been predicted.

What are your thoughts about Destiny 2? Are you excited about the Sparrow Racing League event? Comment your thoughts down below!

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