Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Campaign Fix To Launch Soon; Target Release Date Revealed

The players seem confused when Ubisoft disabled Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer campaign of the game. There were some problems encountered, but it seems that the devs are finally ready to roll out the feature sometime this week.

Watch Dogs 2's Multiplayer Will Soon Be Available

According to IGN, Ubisoft plans to launch the multiplayer campaign of Watch Dogs 2 this weekend if the fix will work properly in the game. Although the single-player campaign is seamless, players are still asking for the feature to play with other gamers. A feature that the game lacked, the multiplayer mode may finally be coming soon.

In a report on Game Spot, Ubisoft explained that some online connection issues on multiplayer campaign are still causing problems on frame rates. Also, the developer is still testing the multiplayer of Watch Dogs 2 before reactivating it.

"If the solution works as intended, we would begin deploying the fix in a patch and turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend. This is the scenario that we are all hoping for," Ubisoft stated. Players can enjoy Watch Dogs 2 by exploring the open world, missions and co-op modes.

Watch Dogs 2 Has Fashion Sense Even Better

Players might be missing the multiplayer campaign on Watch Dogs 2 but it seems that the game offers a whole different wardrobe for Marcus. According to The Verge, by letting its fans change the outfit of the main character, Ubisoft is making the game more enjoyable than before.

In a report on Kotaku, players are making Marcus look more fashionable than before. It seems that Ubisoft wants the players to hack with style. Brands such as Adidas and Crocs are some of the inspiration for the clothes and shoes offered in the game.

It seems that even if multiplayer campaign is not yet allowed, players can still enjoy Watch Dogs 2 by dressing up Marcus with what they prefer. Also, Ubisoft is very determined to give the players what they wanted in order to keep them tied up in the game.

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