Apocalypse in 2016? Mathematician Claims It Will Happen This Year

University of Barcelona mathematician Fergus Simpson has claimed that the human race's apprehension about the end of the world is at hand. It was found that his prediction was based on the Doomsday Argument; which is said to be a probability-based theory that aims to predict the number of future members of the human race based solely on the number of humans born so far. The statistics expert has also warned that the key conclusion is the fact that the annual risk of global catastrophe currently exceeds 0.2 per cent.

Simpson And His Proposition

In one of his statements reported by The Sun, Simpson has revealed that about 100 billion people have already been born and a similar number will arrive on Earth before our species meets its end. Furthermore, the mathematician has also allegedly claimed that humans were found to be reproducing more quickly than ever before, thus makes our acceleration towards our demise at a terrifying pace. Considering that we keep the reproduction at this pace, Simpson believes that it will also mean that our time here on earth would be more and more limited.

According to Daily Mail, Dr. Simpson has found that regardless of his aforementioned statistical inferences, he adds that it would be naive in the extreme to believe that the annual risk of global catastrophe is vanishingly small. Additionally, the University of Barcelona mathematician has also suggested that certain investigations that discuss the mitigation of various global risks should be in fact pursued with utmost urgency.

Meanwhile, it was found out that earlier this year, a particular video has spread like a wildfire online after it claimed that if humans were to be wiped off the face off the Earth, the planet would presumably 'reset' itself. It states that within few hours, most of the city lights would power down and within months, nuclear disasters would strike across the planet. However, the good thing was experts have immediately dismissed the allegations saying that the process would be horrifying.

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