Climate Change 2016: Find Out The Alarming State Of Global Warming As Experts Reveal It

A report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that the U.S. has just experienced the third of the hottest October to have ever been recorded in decades. Research shows that it has never been this hot since October 1963. It was found that the meteorological service's report has shown that the amount of rainfall recorded last month has been below average and most of their stations have also reported to have received less than half of the normal rainfall amount for the said period.

Global Warming In 2016

Considering that the Paris agreement could be fully implemented, UNEP's 2016 Emissions Gap Report has recently revealed it's cautionary suggestions claiming that the projected emissions for 2030 is still likely seen to increase in terms of the global temperature around 3 degrees Celsius this century.

According to reports revealed by The Economist, as the UN climate talks is said to be on its final length, it was found that majority of world leaders have not made up their decisions yet. Initially led by outgoing US president Barack Obama, Donal Trump, new president elect of the US is allegedly said to be opposing the idea. A UN spokesperson has already confirmed that this year, presumably speaking, is the hottest to have ever been recorded.

On the other hand, with reports coming out saying that Donald Trump will not support the UN climate process, Independent reveals that for California's senate leader, Kevin De Leon has stated his support to this movement in fighting against climate change. On behalf of California's residents, De Leon said that California will not retreat and will never go backwards.

Meanwhile, in the earlier part of 2016, experts have found that the El Nino phenomenon has already affected the sea temperature in the tropical Pacific as well as rainfall patterns around the world, which has served as the explanation with regards to the severity of the global heat.

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