Another Evidence Of UFO Sightings Caught On Cam, But NASA Has Immediately Cut Off The Live Video Stream

Moments before its live stream footage was cut off, a fast moving object was spotted to be flying by the International Space Station which left conspiracy theorists claiming that NASA is yet again covering up proof of a UFO sighting. It was found that right before the alleged UFO sighting goes out of view, the feed was rapidly cut and turned into a grey screen, followed by a statement asking users to 'please stand by' due to technical issues.

UFO Sightings And The Conspiracy Theorists

In a regular viewer's eye, it might be something usual that the suspected UFO may have not been noticed. However, for UFO enthusiasts, they believe that the 'amazing footage' shows the appearance of a mysterious spacecraft. According to reports released by Daily Mail, the incident was reportedly not the first time UFO hunters have spotted something strange near the ISS. It was found that just last month; alien enthusiasts claimed a strange light captured in the livestream was a glowing blue UFO hovering close to the space station. Moreover, an alleged footage from the ISS showing a UFO travelling around a progress capsule which happens to be a feature that is being used to supply the station has also been argued in September of this year.

Meanwhile, as what conspiracy theorists believe, Headlines & Global News (HNGN) reports that it's the common practice by ISS whenever a UFO appears on the video. Furthermore, it was through this instance where UFO hunters were even more convinced regarding the fact that the ISS and NASA seem to be undertaking the usual kind of "cover-up" of close encounters.

On the other hand, NASA has been quick to dismiss the speculations of the UFO sighting that was caught live on cam. According to them, reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.

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