Donald Trump´s Effect: Apple Could Move Its iPhone Production to the US

Tech giant Apple could be moving the production of its iPhone to the U.S., after it was known that in June, the company asked its manufacturers Foxconn Technology Group and Pegatron to explore this scenario. Although it is unknown Apple´s interest in studying this possibility, this could be happening in the wake of Donald Trump´s criticism towards the company for doing its products overseas.

Apple ´s Move To The US Is Very Possible

According to Tech Crunch, Pegatron could have rejected the idea of moving to America to produce the smartphones, because of the fear of cost concerns. However, far from rejecting the idea, Foxconn is still weighed it, which could mean that watching the Cupertino company moving back o America and manufacture its mobile devices there, it wouldn't be impossible. In fact, Apple has already invested in some hardware production to the country, including a Mac facility in Texas.

Earlier this week, the Chinese government published an editorial in one of its magazines, explaining that if Donald Trump ruins the "Sino-U.S. Trade", Apple would be one of the mot harmed in this situation. Naturally, the Cupertino company will have to pay more than the double to get its iPhone manufactured in America, and it would be an extremely difficult and costly effort which would take a lot of time.

iPhone´s Production In The US Wouldn't Be Convenient To The Company

According to Digital Trends, one of this mobile devices made in the U.S. could retail for as twice the going rate, or $1,300 a 32GB iPhone 7againt $650 today. As might be expected, this could also get affected in costs terms, giving the fact that if Apple finally makes this move, the iPhone´s price will be $30 or $40 more, because of the transportation and logistics expenses.

It is well known Trump´s situation with Apple, considering that he wanted everyone to boycott the company after the San Bernardino Shooter´s phone case. Also, Trump has said that he would try his best to make the giant to produce its computers in America´s soil, in order to fight against misemployment. Looks like the U.S. elections outcome didn't fit Apple´s interests at all.

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