'Arrow' Season 5 Rumors: Prometheus Makes His Move In Episode 9

The last episode of Arrow is good but at the same time very annoying as fans stated. They are annoyed by the fact that they haven't solved the puzzle on what Prometheus is up to and there are a lot of sequences on that episode, that we are not entirely sure as to what plot are they pertaining to.

An Apparent Betrayal Is Happening

Season 5 episode 7 showed a lot of things that is vital in the incoming season but the most epic segment is when Artemis was on the rooftop with their enemy, Prometheus. Yes, for those fans who weren't able to watch it it did happen. It seems to be that Artemis is the secret spy of Prometheus. Although it only showed about a couple of seconds that they are together, it is still not clear on what is the real score between the two.

Remember episode 6 when they were showing or forcing us to believe that Quentin Lance is Prometheus? Well, you can erase that theory because he isn't. Quentin Lance who is the the Deputy Mayor is already in a rehab. That leads us back to questioning who the real Prometheus is. There are number of characters that can still be linked as Prometheus as reported before. But for now, the team must focus as Artemis is no longer part of their group.

Season 5 Episode 9: Prometheus Is On The Move

As stated at the beginning, having Artemis on his side gives Prometheus the edge against Oliver and his team. Prometheus will make a deadly move that Oliver will not expect. As per our credible sources, Prometheus attacked Curtis(Echo Kellum) and will make a sample out of it. Oliver is now alarmed because there is a possibility that Prometheus knows Team Arrow's secret identities.However, Felicity might have decoded the puzzle as she discovered a clue that links Prometheus to Oliver's past.

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