‘Arrow’ : Who Is Prometheus? Oliver Queen’s Biggest Nightmare Is About To Become Reality

'Arrow' is back with a mysterious villain.
Oliver Queen might be facing his biggest nightmare in Arrow history Photo : Scopian01 / Marvel & DC Heroes / YouTube

Oliver Queen is back where he started and this time, he has new friends with him. It's been five weeks since Arrow premiered their latest episode and Green Arrow is about to deal with his biggest nightmare ever.

Oliver was able to deal with some of the meanest bad guys over the past season but this new villain could be the most vile and evil of them all. This villain should be feared as explained by ‘Arrow's' Executive Producer Wendy Mericle to IGN. She said "He has a very personal grudge and axe to grind with Oliver and he's going to come at him in a really interesting, sociopathic kind of way".

Who Is Prometheus?

We haven't seen enough of this dark hooded Green Arrow-ike villain, however he is a force to reckon with as explained. Prometheus is somehow connected with Oliver and that's the only thing we know about his background for now. He is an accurate marksman and his goal is to eliminate as many people as possible. He is the counterpart of Green Arrow and he's more than ready to face our hero.

Prometheus Character Is A Lot Different In DC Comic Books

The best thing to describe Prometheus is, he was the evil side of Batman. Both of them have the same childhood stories where their parents were gunned down right before their eyes. Both travelled around the world to perfect and practice self defense and any form of martial arts. They are both witty, intelligent, rich and multi-lingual. However, Executive Producer Mark Guggenheim said it will be like a new character. "We call him Prometheus [but] it's not the Grant Morrison/Howard Porter character" he said.

There are a lot of theories and speculations on who Prometheus can be and we are going to drill down at least five names who could be the dreaded hooded bad guy.

1. Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is number one in our list. Why? Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke is the first and major enemy of Green Arrow. Deathstroke has various reasons on why he hates Oliver Queen. During the earlier season, Wilson and Queen started as friends but turned out to be archrivals and enemies. Wilson is blaming Oliver with regards to his partner's death, Shado. Deathstroke then made a living of killing Oliver's closest friends and family. Deathstroke killed Oliver's mom and throughout the years, he was planning to kill Oliver's sister as well.

2.Billy Malone

Felicity's boyfriend made it on our list because he is new and new is suspicious. He works as a detective for the Star City Police Department and that's the only thing we know about him right now. Arrowers will agree with me that he will have a villain role because they don't want anybody besides Oliver to be with Felicity.

3.Tommy Merlin

This is actually a long shot as Tommy died already in the season 1 finale. However, Tommy could be saved from his impending fate by using Lazarus pit and by Flash point. Some sources say it is possible but they haven't disclose yet as to how. Tommy has all the reasons to hate Oliver, one of them is because of jealousy.

That's the rundown of characters who could be hiding under the dark hood. Whoever Prometheus is, Green Arrow should defintely watch his back.

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