Study Says Gamers Have More Frequent Sex Than Everyone Else

By Jupiter Isidro , Nov 19, 2016 04:10 AM EST
The following article is rated M for mature. If you're 18 below, don't click, just go play with Minecraft or something. Seriously, mature content on this article, be mature enough to decide to read or not. (Photo : YouTube / RabidRetrospectGames)

A recent study shows that another label for gamers is wrong. Most people would think that if you're a gamer you'd just spend most of your time alone playing games. The only time we gamers meet other people is via MMORPGs where we 'socialize'. Well, guess what, all of those are wrong and here's a study to prove it.

One good thing about research is that they prove things with enough data to back it up. There's one study that suggests that video games are not totally harmful to kids. When utilized properly, they can also be beneficial. Just like fire, you can utilize it but when not used properly, you'd get burned.

Moving on to adults, most people would think that dating gamers would be boring for people who are 'normal'. When it comes to dating and to speak bluntly, having sex would be the next move. The recent study shows that gamers do have the upper hand when it comes to this department.

Gamers maybe are mostly socially awkward but that doesn't mean they shut down the idea of having sex. In fact, the recent study shows that being a gamer gives you the advantage of having more frequent sex than anyone else.

The study was conducted by a Unilad, part of the objective is to look into stereotypes about gamers and their relationship to the public. The participants were around 2,400 women over 18 and are UK-based. They needed to answer a few quick questions about their sex lives and romance. It is important to note that these women also claim that they have been or are on a relationship for more than a year or so.

First round, gamers are in 3rd place

The participants were asked to pick which best suit their significant other: hipster, gamer, gym goer, nerdy, chav (in the US the closest word I can relate this would be 'swag', not sure though), rocker, and trend-setter. When the results came out, gym-goer got first place at 25%, followed by hipster and gamer at 21% and 7% respectively.

Second round, gamers go for gold

This time, the participants were asked about how happy they are with their sex lives. 78% of them nodded a 'yes'. After that they were asked how often they would have sex with their partner. The answers ranged from twice a month to almost daily. Ultimately the researchers then combined the answers with the first one, and the results favor gamers.

The top 3 results when combining which type is preferred and the frequency of them having sexual intercourse says that gamers have sex 6 times a week, followed by hipster and chav which go 4 times a week. That would leave one day as rest day, probably to finish off a very long RPG, would you agree?

Bonus round

This isn't the only good news for gamers as the study reveals that gamers put their partner's sexual needs first before their own, 59% if you check the numbers. The most 'selfish' go to trend-setters which scored a low 19%. So gamers, have you had a chance to 'connect' with your significant other today? You should. To keep things rolling, check out the following video, it's is not safe for work, or school, so play at your own risk.

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