Watch Dogs 2 Update: Ubisoft, Aware Of An NPC Showing Off Genitalia, Apologies Sent, Will Remove Asset

Video games nowadays are open to nudity but this news today has gone overboard as a female NPC exposes her genitalia while lying on the ground. Now, it maybe is acceptable if the assets loaded for the NPC were in full nude, this one however has all her clothes on, wearing a skirt and stockings, yet her vagina is exposed via some sort of tear on her panty's crotch.

From the looks of it, the NPC in question is a pedestrian who got knocked over by the player and then when the camera focused on her, a wild vagina appears. Kidding aside, this certainly is way overboard as the exposure has no justification whatsoever. If it were in a sex scene, then they can get away with it. A user uploaded a snapshot of it on Twitter; you can view it there at your own risk.

As quick action, Ubisoft released a statement about it promising to remove some nudity from Watch Dogs 2 via a patch this week. The player who posted the exposed vagina was also banned from the PlayStation Network. Ubisoft also promised to work closely with Sony and Microsoft to ensure the game contents will be suitable for sharing online.

On top of that, Ubisoft was already aware of the NPC model assets in Watch Dogs 2, and they understand that it is explicit, as reported by The company also added that though Watch Dogs 2 is a game for mature audiences, they still apologize and want to update the assets so that all the NPC models will be consistent.

With regards to its ESRB rating, the game had already announced full-frontal nudity as part of its content, however, it did not mention anything about exposing detailed vagina parts. Watch Dogs 2 is already out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC will follow on Nov. 29. Keep it here on iTech for the latest gaming scoop.

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