New Pokemon GO Update Unleashed; Gen 2 Release Date Leaked

It looks like Pokemon GO players are really in for a big treat. First off, Niantic has released a new update that contains lots of bug fixes and enhancements. Second and most importantly, the release date for the highly anticipated Gen 2 update has been leaked. It's really getting interesting each day.

Announced in the official Twitter account of Pokemon GO, the game is currently being updated to its latest version. Players who are using Android will be receiving version 0.47.1. iOS users, on the other hand, will acquire version 1.17.0. The social media site also provided a link for the update's full patch notes.

The main priority of the aforementioned Pokemon GO update is to fix an issue found in Egg-hatching cutscene animation. Note that players have been complaining about it being briefly visible to the in-game map. Lastly, a couple of minor text fixes are expected.

But the fun doesn't stop there, as a new Pokemon GO update is brewing to be released anytime soon. According to Otakukart, a Starbucks employee has reportedly leaked the official release date of Gen 2. It came from an internal email, which was sent to all of the workers in the said company.

Guess what? The email is believed to be a notification of sort for the forthcoming Pokemon GO event. It contains both of the company's marketing plans and scheduled events in preparation for the new update. If this is the case, it's safe to say that Niantic will be partnering up with Starbucks.

As for the release date of Pokemon GO Gen 2 update, the leak points to December 7 being the release window. As per email, Niantic will be setting one single PokeStop at every Starbucks outlet. Heck, the employee (which remains to be unknown) mentioned about being a die-hard fan of the game. And because of that, he can't simply help but share the good news.

As of this writing, Niantic has yet to comment on the alleged Pokemon GO Gen 2 release date. But still, it's an information that one can't simply neglect.

What are your thoughts on the new Pokemon GO update? How about the possible release of Gen 2 update in December? Any expectations? Let us know what's going through your mind at the comment section below!

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