Pokemon GO Update: PokeStops Giving Less Items, Tracking Or Trading System Coming?

Pokemon GO players have a love/hate relationship with the game -- whether they admit or not. They love it for the fact that catching Pokemon is fun (which is really true). However, they also hate it for the main reason that it lacks features -- or the ones that exist are usually flawed. And true enough, trainers are getting disappointed with how PokeStops work nowadays. Meanwhile, there are reports about Trading or Tracking system coming to the title very soon.

According to Otakukart, a good number of Pokemon GO players are complaining about PokeStops offering less times. That compared to the past, the feature barely give them stuff. The community reportedly noticed the decrease of items given to the players just recently.

As of this writing, however, no hard evidence can be ferreted out from the developer of Pokemon GO. Regardless, the amount of players complaining -- particularly on forums and social media sites -- are high. Hence, in one way or another, there could be truth to this.

This is just among the many things that Pokemon GO players continue to complain about the game. It should be noted, however, that this might be due to the recent events the studio introduced. For instance, the Halloween event gave players lots of interesting stuff -- from XP boosts to tons of items. It might be that players just grew fond of it. That when things went back to normal, they thought the company did some tweaks or changes. Either way, it can't be official as long as no statement from Niantic is heard.

In related Pokemon GO news, there are reports about the arrival of a new tracking system or trading feature. Tracking, in particular, could be feasible as it's already been released to some major cities in America. The tweet from the game's official Twitter account can attest to that.

As for the Pokemon GO trading system, it remains vague if this feature really gets developed. However, there are those who believe that it'll arrive along with a major update. The latter is rumored to arrive in December, something that'll cover the Winter event, too. As interesting as these may sound, there's no confirmation yet.

What are your thoughts on the latest updates about Pokemon GO? Have you also noticed the decrease of items in PokeStops? What are your expectations for the tracking system and/or trading feature? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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