Pokemon Go Update: December Patch Expectations; Will It Add Major Updates?

Pokemon Go has been full of rumors about its future update since fans are still waiting for the major features to arrive soon. While December is a month where all surprises comes together, fans are curious what Niantic is planning heading towards the month full of thanksgiving and celebration.

According to the report from famous anime site Otakukart, Pokemon Go has risen back up to popularity with its first-ever major event back in Halloween. Apparently, Niantic should start rolling out some surprises and feature additions to keep those fans engaged to the game and keep them from being bored since there are variations in \gameplay.

With the latest data mined code, fans discovered that Niantic has already integrated Generation 2 in the game. That means we could potentially see this most anticipated major update very soon. However, Niantic has not yet released any official statement regarding the update.

Several claims also state that Pokemon Go December update will bring more surprises to the fans with Trading and Battle Systems together with Baby Pokemon feature. The PvP and Trading features were heavily rumored to arrive sometime around this year and it is not new to the fans since Niantic CEO, John Hanke, previously confirmed that Trading is now on its development stage while PvP is expected to follow.

Aside from the two major feature updates, Baby Pokemon is also expected which will also connect directly to Generation 2 patch. This Baby Pokemon will feature the pre-evolved forms of some Pokemon specie such as Igglybuff, Cleffa, Magby and more. In addition, it is rumored that Baby Pokemon feature will eventually replace the latter Egg Hatching System.

More reports also claim that the upcoming December update will feature the Legendary Event which will bring the most awaited Legendary Pokemon. Sources also said that Gold tier Pokemon Tyranitar might be introduced in December update which have a maximum CP of 3654 and considered as one of the toughest contender.

Apparently, it all comes down with Niantic's final word. However, fans believed that Niantic is planning something bigger this December and Pokemon Go players will just wait until then.


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