4 Things Pokemon GO Can Learn From Pokemon Sun And Moon

4 Things Pokemon GO Can Learn From Pokemon Sun And Moon
Two of the latest Pokemon games to arrive are Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Moon. Photo : The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube

The arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon has paved the way for a new era of Pokemon games to be enjoyed. And it's looking to be a hit sooner or later. With its existence, there's no doubt that any other games can learn from. Well, this is particularly true for Niantic's Pokemon GO. Today, let's talk about the 4 things that the AR game can learn from the said games.

Trials Should Be Daily Events Instead

For Pokemon GO players, the current gym formula is simply old and tiring. It's kind of boring actually. Well, fortunately for Pokemon Sun and Moon players, you won't be facing the same dilemma. In the games, trials are something that players have to go through before going up against the island's kahuna. Thanks to these, the gameplay has more variety compared to the typical "beat gyms, get badges and repeat" process. For instance, there's a trial that will ask players to procure ingredients or something. Heck, there's even one that will ask trainers to observe the difference of certain dance cultures. Being a topic in almost all community, Niantic should've known by now that the current gym battle process is simply boring.

Create A Good Endgame Content

In any other games, endgame contents play a vital role. It's like the cream of the crop. It's what makes a title exciting and interesting. Unfortunately for Pokemon GO, the devs have yet to add such. I'm not even sure if the studio even plans to do so. The key here is to help bring back the players who've maxed out everything. Because seriously, they have nothing left to do. For Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's certainly a leverage. It has good endgame content to offer thanks to the variety of trials being offered.

Character Customization Feature

This one here is among the features many Pokemon GO players have been hoping for. People love to create and customize things. People simply love to see beautiful stuff. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the options to do so are quite vast. Players can customize everything from clothing styles to hairstyles to color clothes. Because in reality, there's always this joy in creating new things. Of course, it doesn't necessarily affect the gameplay, but it should be enough to bring engagement.

NPC Rivals Or Battle System

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will be racing up against Hau. This alone here gives players the kind of chill that battle systems offer. Sure, Pokemon GO offers teams and trainers have the freedom to choose which one to join; however, the whole point of it all is useless. What's the purpose of joining teams? Why do we have to form a group when we don't even have a rival team to fight? I think you see where I'm coming from. You see, players of Niantic's still highly popular game are itching for a PvP or Battle feature. And I'm really wondering what's holding the studio from introducing such.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? How about Pokemon GO? Which one are you currently playing? Share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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