Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Predictions And Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Predictions And Rumors
Samsung's 2017 phablet is a sure-go. Hopefully, it can erase all the negative connotations the series gained this year. Photo : Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

The Galaxy Note 7 explosion saga controversy is finally done and out. Now, Samsung is moving forward by preparing its 2017 flagships. While it's currently the Galaxy S8 that's making headlines, there are quite a number of phablet lovers who are more excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Undeniably, Samsung's Note devices are the most premium and the most popular phablets on the market right now. With Note 7's discontinuation, a bunch of Note fans are now craving for a new device from Samsung's phablet line. Nevertheless, it would probably take about six months before the Galaxy Note 8 comes out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Confirmed

Right after Note 7's discontinuation, rumors about the cancellation of the entire Note series also surfaced. However, shortly after that, Samsung subtly confirmed that the Note series is still alive and that the masses are still seeing the Galaxy Note 8. It's not clear whether or not Samsung actually considered discontinuing the Note brand. What's certain is that a bunch of Note fans were in outburst when the Note discontinuation rumors came out. If this led Samsung to re-think their rumored decision to cancel Note, we may never find out.

Nevertheless, the company released a statement saying that Note 7 users who had their units replaced with an S7/S7 Edge device are entitled to get a discount for the S8 or Note 8. While this promo was just announced in South Korea, it's still good news that Samsung confirms the release of the Note 8. It has also become clearer that Samsung's top goal is to have people return their Note 7, which is probably why this upgrade program was initiated. Online communities have seen and heard die-hard Note users admitting that they are not returning their Note 7 phones despite the recall program. This is probably why Samsung has also released a Note 7 software in Europe that would limit the devices from getting charged higher than 60 percent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

As of now, not a lot of things is known about the Note 8 since it's the S8 that's getting most of the attention right now. It's worth noting that S8 is predictably getting launched in about two months' time and the Note 8 won't be due until probably around July or August of next year. Because of that, the limelight is still on the S8 device. Nevertheless, Note 8's model number has already been leaked. As per a Tech Times report, the next Samsung premium phablet could be carrying the model number SM-N950. This model number actually came from reliable leakster evleaks, so it's pretty certain that Samsung is indeed working on an SM-N950 device. The source did not say that this device is the Note 8 but it's almost certain that it is as the Note 7 had the model number SM-930 and the Note 5 was referred to as the SM-920 device.

Apart from that, the only rumors that came out about Note 8 include a super-improved stylus. However, this hasn't exactly been backed up by solid proof. Advanced camera settings were also mentioned for the Note 8 but it's just as unacknowledged by Samsung as most of the rumors are. It's worth noting though that the Galaxy S8 may have a special AI assistant with its own button, CNET reported. This means that the Note 8 could also be getting it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Predictions

Nevertheless, it's also very possible for Samsung to retain most of Note 7's features that the consumers were deprived of. It's possible that the Note 8 will pretty much look a lot like the Note 7 and it's also possible that the Note 8 will just be the "fixed" version of the Note 7. What's certain right now is that Samsung would make sure that the Note 8 will no longer suffer Note 7's flaw. So it's safe to say that the next Note phablet will have an improved and irremovable battery.

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