Civilization 6 Fall Update Adds New Scenario, Multiplayer Maps; What's Coming Next?

Civilization 6 just received the Fall 2016 update. Apart from fixes to a long list of glitches and issues, it also brings balance changes, multiplayer maps, new scenarios and more. With this, it is expected that a more enjoyable and smooth gameplay will be experienced.

Civilization 6 Fall Update: What's New?

First and foremost, the Civilization 6 update brings DirectX 12 support starting with NVIDIA Maxwell and later and AMD cards. According to the patch notes released on Steam, the Logitech ARX should also now be supported with the latest update.

As aforementioned, the Civilization 6 multiplayer maps have also been added. Players can now experience the "Four-Leaf Clover" and "Six-Armed Snowflake" map types; the former is a balanced four player map while the other accommodates six. Players can play these maps online and offline. They will be challenged as they will be forced to move to the center, causing more conflict.

The "Cavalry and Cannonades" scenario has also been added to Civilization 6, which reduces unit maintenance costs and eliminates the strategic resource requirements. The goal is to "possess the largest territory" within a limit of 50 turns. Granted, players start with a larger army than usual with more starting techs.

Some features are also added to the overall Civilization 6 gameplay. Some minor ones include additional notifications, added Hotkey support, visual cues, Dan Quayle rankings and more. The key improvements include "Time Defeat" that happens when the player runs out of time, though this is disabled when Score Victory is available. Lastly, players can now rename their cities, a feature that has been missing since launch.

Civilization 6 Update: When Is The DLC?

Apart from the Civilization 6 Fall Update that also brought fixes, UI changes, multiplayer improvements and more, more DLCs are believed to be coming soon for the strategy game. The next major update may bring new civs that are requested by fans.

Some requests include a Southeast Asian civ, which has been majorly overlooked by Firaxis. More Native American civilizations are also in the wishlist, as well as the Korea empire. There are a lot more options for the devs to explore, so they are definitely not going to run out of ideas.

Players may get what they are wishing for, but they may get a nice surprise instead. Nevertheless, the next Civilization 6 DLC should bring new challenges and new features never before seen in the popular Sid Meier title. Meanwhile, check out our guide to choosing the best civ for each type of victory.

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