Russia in 2031: Russia’s Plan To Build Secret Base And Land Humans On The Moon, Finally Revealed

New reports have recently been released revealing Russia's plan to land their first cosmonauts on the moon in 2031. One of the big bosses of a certain Russian rocket company has allegedly made these claims saying that it will initially be preceded by a series of unmanned space flights in 2026. Just recently, Russian space agency Roscosmos was also found to have been setting their plans on building a moon base that is bound to house 12 cosmonauts.

Russia And Its Future Plans

In one of their statements revealed by Daily Mail, RSC Energia CEO Vladimir Solntsev said that their so-called ambitious plan of conducting a moon landing mission will take place in 2026. Solntsev has further revealed that the mission will begin with an unmanned flight to the moon followed by a take-off and landing module being launched into the moon's orbit in 2027. Additionally, the CEO has also claimed two years after the launching of their project, a new spacecraft named Federation will soon fly to the moon's orbit in 2029.

Furthermore, according to Mirror, Mr. Solntsev has additionally said that one of the next major space missions is to put a humans on Mars. In line with this, NASA believes that it can get to Mars before 2030. It was found that the China National Space Administration has set a target of 2021, while the European Space Agency and the Russians' Roscosmos are already in the first stages of a joint project to put a robot on the surface by 2020.

Reports have then been revealed that the mission will be able to determine how easy it would be for cosmonauts to walk on the lunar surface and get out of a rover vehicle.

Meanwhile, SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk was also said to be on the move of coming up with a concrete plan on how to transport a maximum of 100 passengers to the moon by 2024. The space company of Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, was also found to conduct its rocket-testing mission in the Texan desert and Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, on the other hand has already recruited eight people for his Mars One mission.

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