Kristen Stewart Remembering ‘Twilight’ Days ‘Like It Happened Yesterday'; Also Admits She Still Has A Feeling For Robert Pattinson

There was a time approximately five years ago when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the hottest couple in Hollywood. Regrettably, there is no happy ending for the couple as a cheating scandal jolted the foundation of their relationship. It might truly be the end but rumors of dating sighted by some fans and reporters nearby, it also appears that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still chummy remembering on and off camera together.

The cast of the Twilight movies certainly made fans woozy with excitement as their onscreen chemistry was tangible. Fans became more and more excited when their romance in the films carried over to real-life. Sadly, the sudden ending of their relationship not only destroyed the former couple but also their fans and families as well.

Memories Of Twilight Movie

In an interview with People though, Stewart cannot help but to remember her quantum leap role in Twilight saga, a time when she was also still in a relationship with Pattinson. Stewart was quoted during The Ellen DeGeneres Show saying "I don't jump right back into those memories but as soon as you see pictures, you're like 'Oh God, it's like yesterday,"

The memories of their Twilight days though are certainly enough to bring back romantic relationship memories with Pattinson as well. The publicly breakup of the two in April 2013 is probably something that left is still affecting die-hard fans of the couple.

Are They Moving Forward?

While the two former couple have already moved on with their respective romantic relationships, there are many fans who are still hoping for Stewart and Pattinson to get back together somehow. Pattinsons is now said to be engaged to British singer FKA twigs while Stewart is in a relationship with supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne's ex, St Vincent.

As a fan, we can hope for nevertheless that maybe someday Stewart and Pattinson would cross paths afresh and by some weird gamble rekindle their once burning love matter.

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