Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Where to Find Fossils For Pokemon

One of the things a ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ player must do in the game is to find the Fossils that is the key to getting Fossil Pokemon. Players will be asked to choose between two fossils, Skull or Cover, wherein each Fossil can turn into a specific Pokemon once they found the place where it can be used. In ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’, the player must choose between the two so you must choose carefully because it’s not given for free. So to help you get started below is a guide where exactly are the location of the Fossils.

KoniKoni City

Once you get to KoniKoni City, look for the Stone shop and enter it while in the story. The Fossils is being sold by an old grumpy man. If you talk to him, he will tell you “One per customer” which means you can only buy one piece of every Fossil. He sells the two Fossil, Cover, and Skull, so you can buy it both if you have enough money.

Investigating Nearby Places

The next step is to find the place where you can use the Fossils. Usually, it is good to be more curious of every place near KoniKoni City. There are different ways and places how a Fossil Pokemon can be revived so keep an open mind when exploring. So far, Ruins of Life and Aether Lab has been thoroughly checked and it looks like it is not the place to transform the Fossil to a Pokemon.

Skull Fossil or Cover Fossil

Skull Fossil and Cover Fossil corresponds to a different Pokemon when transformed. Fortunately, ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ allows players to acquire both Fossils which they can eventually transform to rare Pokemon. In previous Pokemon games, Fossils were able to transform into Tirouga, Archen, and Cranidos.

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