Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Tips And Tricks On How To Get The Best Start

7 Tips to Get the Best Start in Pokemon Sun & Moon
Here are 7 super handy tips that'll help you get off to a great start in Pokemon Sun & Moon!
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Nintendo's newest Pokemon game is now available for the 3DS and the popularity of the game has risen to new heights. The charm of Alola region and its unique Pokemon are something to look forward to. With Pokemon Sun and Moon's recent release and more players are starting a new game, mistakes and regretful decisions are abound. So here are some tips and tricks on how to get the best start in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Make Use Of Pokemon Refresh In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Refresh is the new system available for Pokemon Sun and Moon that lets you interact with your Pokemon. Instead of using items to cure your Pokemon's status ailments, starting Pokemon Refresh will help you get rid of the effect. If your Pokemon has been inflicted with a status effect that always persists after every battle, the most common of which is poison, a tab will drop down on your bottom screen. Hitting Y will bring you to a mini-game after the cutscenes and you can cure your Pokemon with the tweezers and sponge looking icon.

Build Rapport In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Using the Pokemon Refresh in Pokemon Sun and Moon will give you the options to groom, feed, pet, or interact with your Pokemon and as well as view their chart that fills up with affection, fullness, and enjoyment. If a Pokemon has really high affection, which means it has come to like you after putting effort on TLC, can have positive effects in combat. Such effect is the chance that your Pokemon can withstand a usually one-hit skill from the opponent; leaving your high-affection Pokemon with 1 hp instead of fainting.

You Can Assign Shortcuts To Ride On Pokemon In Sun And Moon

Ride On Pokemon is basically the replacement for HMs in Pokemon Sun And Moon. Riding a Pokemon will let you use the skill you need to fly or smash through rocks. Instead of pressing Y and selecting the Pokemon you want to ride, you can assign shortcuts to them on the D-pad. This will let you swap between any of them quickly and conveniently.

Check The Bottom Screen During Battle In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Clicking your Pokemon or the opponent's will give you a lot of information. Finding out its type, buffs and debuffs can be an effective way of countering the Pokemon and ultimately defeating it. This is also useful in learning or refreshing your knowledge of what types are effective and less effective against.

Make Use Of The Free Space In You Pokemon Sun And Moon Inventory

Free Space is essentially Pokemon Sun and Moon's Favorites list. This is where you can transfer the items you frequently use. This way whenever you're in battle, you can easily access the items you frequently use, allowing you to find and select them efficiently.

Get Your Free Munchlax In Pokemon Sun And Moon

You can actually get a free Munchlax in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Before you load up the game, you can click free mystery gift on the main menu then search for it via internet, you will receive a Munchlax and Snorlium Z. One Munchlax evolves into Snorlax, you can then proceed to give him the Snorlium Z which is a Z-move he can exclusively do.

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