‘One Piece’ News And Updates: English-Dubbed Movie To Be Released January 2017 In US And Canada; Movie Preview Now Available

Fans of "One Piece" in North America will be happy to know that the English-dubbed anime movie based on the manga series will have its debut in January 2017. This announcement was made on Anime News Network. The film "One Piece Film: Gold" was able to earn $50,000 when it was released last summer in Japan. It fanned the interest of more viewers for the anime and manga series.

It Is A Stand-Alone Movie

Even those who are not familiar with the characters of "One Piece" will also like this movie because they won't need to know about their back stories. The producers of the movie have created it that way so that it will be more viewer friendly. Viewers will not require a deep understanding of the manga background or even a little familiarity of the story to appreciate and enjoy this movie.

This Will Be An All-New High Flying Adventure

"One Piece Film Gold" will feature an all-new high-flying adventure for the Straw Hat Pirates. The movie will unfold a new saga but will still be based on the highly successful and very popular "One Piece" anime and manga series. It will be presented with English dub so the audience can easily follow what's happening on the screen.

The movie features Gran Tesoro, a glittering city of entertainment outside of the clutches of government laws. It is where the Marines, the world's most notorious pirates live, together with very rich millionaires. In his desire to hit the jackpot, Captain Luffy, together with his crew will try their luck for the gold.

But they don't know that behind the glittering curtains, is a powerful king whose ambitions and filthy riches can mean trouble and disaster for the New World, as well as the Straw Hat Pirates themselves. The movie will hit the theaters in the U.S. on Jan. 10 to 17, 2017. Get a feel of the movie by viewing the teaser below.

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