Dota 2 News: Monkey King Arcana Leaked

The upcoming hero of Dota 2, the Monkey King is expected to be released this coming Dec. 12 or Dec. 17, after the patch update that is set to launch following the conclusion of the Boston Major. Now, Valve only showed a video displaying the skills of the new hero but aside from that, the studio didn't give any further hints to the community. Now, a developer may just have officially teased the upcoming Arcana of the Monkey King.

 Dota 2: Monkey King's Arcana Revealed?

In a Reddit post, an anonymous developer has leaked a new information about the upcoming Dota 2 hero and this time, it's not its skills but rather, a new arcana that is expected to come upon the hero's official debut. The post contains algorithm of the item and how it interacts with the specific hero. The leaked code (picture down below) brings about four definitive highlights of the Arcana:

Particles - Just like the rest of the Arcana, Monkey King's will have particle effects attached to its body. In this case, it'll be conspicuously attached to both eyes and hands of the hero. According to one comment, it's highly likely that the particles will also come with trail effects that move along the hero (much like Terroblade's trail).

Cosmetics - Another aspect of the new Arcana is that, it'll come with two styles: Water and Fire. This means that not players will get two different styles of particle effects (animation). But it is still unclear whether the two styles will come with varied particle effects on abilities. Nonetheless, this will mark as the first Arcana that will come with two alternative styles.

Secondary (Upgrade) Particle System - The code implies that there exist a secondary particle system on the Arcana which means that it may come with upgraded effects much like PA's Arcana. As you can remember, when PA Arcana was released, Valve released a one-time in-game event for the hero, Nemesis Assassin Event. Will this mean that we will also be having an event for Monkey King?

Death Animation - Lastly, embedded into the code is a custom particle effect for the death animation of the hero. For now, we can only guess what the particle effects would be - probably an explosion of bananas? We'll leave your creative mind do the guessing.

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