Dota 2 News: How Vega Squadron Will Dominate The Future Pro Scene

Vega Squadron recently announced the release of their two cores: Rostislav 'fng' Lozovoi and Bogdan 'Iceberg' Vasilenko. For a while, it appears that yet another CIS team will fall from the competitive scene - Na'Vi is one of them as the organization has yet to fill in the missing three cores in their ranks. Ironically, the prominent support player from Na'Vi, SonNeiko, was acquired by Vega today and is set to acquire one more prominent mid laner to round up their roster for this year. Now, who do you think will be Vega's new mid laner that will dominate the future pro scene? Well, we have a strong guess for that one.

Vega Squadron Active Roster

Vega Squadron's official roster is stronger than ever. Despite releasing their captain, fng and their solo mid player, Iceberg, the organization in return, acquired perhaps the best support player in the CIS region. SonNeiko is one of the longest running talents of Na'Vi after their last major reshuffle and since then, has cemented his name in Dota 2 eSport and now considered as one of the best support players worldwide. Fan tip: SonNeiko is the first full-support player that has reached 9k MMR. Here is the full list of Vega Squadron's Active Roster:




Join Date


Rostislav Lozovoi




Andrey Chipenko



Cema The Slayer

Semion Krivulya




Akbar Butaev



Now, who might be the best CIS mid laner that's currently free today? Well, to help you guessing, here's the obvious hint: Power Rangers recently disbanded last week which means, their prominent mid laner, Afonin 'Afoninje' Andrey is currently a freelance talent! Now, is he the only one CIS solo mid player that's currently free? Well, for the time being, he is indeed the only active solo mid professional Dota 2 player in CIS region which strengthens the possibility of him joining the squad. Of course, there are a lot of rising pub stars in the CIS region which Vega Squadron can acquire but think of it this way, why would the organization risk for a rising talent when there is an available professional one?

Future of Vega Squadron

Until Vega releases its official statement, we can only guess at the moment but as you can see, the squad is already looking solid on their current lineup and if they indeed be able to sign up afoninje to join the organization, then we can surely hope that the new Vega Squadron will dominate the future pro scene.

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