Check PlayStation 4's Most Realistic Game Ever

There are already many games in the PlayStation 4 that are considered realistic in terms of gameplay, history, and other elements. But when it comes to the characters really looking like humans, there's none yet which has come to that level. That will change with the release of an upcoming exclusive PlayStation game.

Detroit: Become Human is a game that is currently developed by the French company called Quantic Dream and will be published by Sony entertainment. According to its description, it is a neo-noir thriller which is set for release in 2017 although there's no specific date yet.

The story revolves around characters, all of whom androids, including the main character named Kara. She escaped from the factory which manufactures androids and is now experiencing the freedom she has as well as the knowledge she gains in the world around her. Aside from Kara, there's also Connor, the android hunter whose main job is to hunt and 'kill' deviant androids. The game, just like other popular games nowadays, will be filled with choices and options that will affect the final ending of the story.

The idea of the story came from a tech demo called Kara which Quantic Dream created in 2012. Aside from Kara and Connor, there are other playable characters in the game who might die as the gameplay progresses. Thus, players will not see a "Game Over" message when their characters die. Instead, the story and the gameplay will branch out and they can choose to play another character as the story continues.

What's very impressive about the game is that the quality of the graphics is life-like that you'll think the characters are really humans at first look. Watch the teaser trailer below and judge for yourself.

Detroit: Become Human was nominated as one of the Best Original Games during the Best of E3 Game Critics Awards.

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