Pokémon GO Update: Golbat Secretly Evolves To Crobat After 100KM Walk? Details Here

Amid the rising popularity of Pokémon Sun and Moon which was just released on Nintendo 3DS, the hype continues with Pokémon GO as Niantic has been reported to brew the Thanksgiving event for the game. The latest update however is not about the much-anticipated event before this month ends, but a revelation that Golbat secretly evolves to Crobat after the 100 km walk. Figure out the veracity of this evolution as tested by one trainer.

Pokémon GO - Golbat Secretly Evolves After 100KM Walk?

Since Niantic launched Pokémon GO a few months ago, there was no single person who was able to achieve Golbat evolving to Crobat. In one of the developer's recent announcements, Crobat had been confirmed to appear in Pokémon GO Gen 2. Much to his curiosity, one Trainer wondered why Crobat is not available when in fact there's a lot of Zubats; Niantic could be hiding something.

On Reddit, The Silph Road disclosed that one Trainer named Kami_Ouija on said site set off on an off-the-beaten adventure on Pokémon Go and walked for 100 kilometers with his Golbat buddy Pokémon to find out whether or not he can mysteriously unlock Crobat.

Pokémon GO - The Much-Anticipated Result

Many of you must be excited whether or not the Trainer was able to see a Crobat during that strenuous activity. Unfortunately, the answer is a huge no. If many of you are wondering where he got such an idea, Golbat would only evolve into Crobat if it has maxed out the level of happiness. Besides, walking with a Pokémon helps to level up and increase happiness. In the meantime, players have to wait for the next generation Pokémon GO to unlock Crobat.

On other news, leaked details have pointed out that Niantic could be preparing for the Thanksgiving event for Pokémon GO which may fall on Nov. 23. However, the developer hasn't confirmed this until now.

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