Pokemon GO Update: New Patch Arrives; Check Out The Features Included

Niantic just updated Pokemon GO for Android and iOS users. The developer released the update in order to fix some bug issues including the one related to egg hatching. Though the latest patch seems boring, the developer made sure that the game will be flawless.

Pokemon GO's New Patch Arrives, What Are The New Features?

According to Express, Niantic has released patch 0.47.1 of Pokemon GO that will fix even the smallest issues of the game. Also, the game has minor improvements to the texts. Apart from the specific fix for the animation of the egg hatching problem, there are no more additions and improvements.

The recent update is not as exciting as its update before. The patch before included the daily bonus feature, wherein players will be rewarded with XP and Stardust when they make their first capture on that day. Also, the latest one does not include any preparation for Pokemon GO's Thanksgiving Event.

After Niantic's Pokemon GO Halloween update, Niantic is rumored to have a December update that is similar to what it did. The rumors are saying that next month's update will include an introduction of a legendary Pokemon, but nothing can be confirmed for now.

Pokemon GO's Ditto And Shiny Pokemon

Niantic is still teasing its fans whether Ditto and a legendary Pokemon will arrive next month on Pokemon GO. According to a forum in Reddit, Ditto and Shiny Pokemon will be arriving soon. Players will encounter the creatures while playing the game soon.

Players will have to look for Ditto very carefully because the Pokemon might be disguised as another creature. One player allegedly got the playful creature not by capturing it but from the 1km egg. There are rumors that even Shiny Pokemon that sport a different color scheme will be appearing soon.

Niantic is very determined to keep the fans of Pokemon GO busy and focused in the game. Hopefully, the updates, upcoming event and new characters in the game will help the developers in not loosing its top spot against other games.

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