WWE WrestleMania 33 News, Rumors: Brock Lesnar Got Squashed To Stage Goldberg’s Royal Rumble Return; Goldberg Vs. The Undertaker To Happen Next?

WWE Survivor Series surprised fans when Brock Lesnar lost to returnee Bill Goldberg. To add more insult to his loss, the match ended in less than 90 seconds. Goldberg had a pinfall victory after he delivered his signature Jackhammer finisher and squashed Lesnar in what was supposed to be his last fight. Based on the latest events in WWE's stage, this is not going to be the end for Goldberg.

WWE Survivor Series Lesnar Vs. Goldberg

WWE Survivor Series left everyone in shock when in about 86 seconds, Goldberg was able to take down the man who ended The Undertaker's winning streak and squashed John Cena in 2014. For someone who left the stage for 12 years, there is no denying that Goldberg's performance was jaw-dropping. Before fans could react, Goldberg already defeated Lesnar in a squash match.

The match was off to a heated start as the two champs gauged each other's strength. Lesnar had a strong start, he picked up Goldberg and tossed him in a corner but Goldberg will not be bested. In retaliation, Goldberg attacked Lesnar with a spear. While waiting for Lesnar to get back to his feet, Goldberg went in for the kill striking Lesnar with another spear. Goldberg lifted Lesnar for his signature finishing move - the Jackhammer - and ended the match with a pinfall victory.

What's Next For Goldberg?

WWE WrestleMania 33 was supposed to be the last time Goldberg stepped into the ring for a fight. Prior to the event, the fight with Lesnar was supposed to be a one-time deal. However, there are reports indicating that Goldberg will be in the 2017 Royal Rumble in San Antonio as part of the Rumble main event. As of now, there's no word if he will be in any future events in WrestleMania 33.

A rematch between Lesnar and Goldberg remains to be a big possibility although fans are not too excited after their last fight. One possible opponent for Goldberg is The Undertaker whose return to WWE sparked much excitement. Since Lesnar was the one who broke The Undertaker's winning streak, a match between Goldberg and The Undertaker who both made a comeback in WWE Wrestlemania 33 would be worth paying for.

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