The World Through Tesla Cars' Eyes: How Reliable and Safe Are They

The World Through Tesla Cars' Eyes: How Reliable and Safe Are They
Tesla Motors recently released a video showing how the cars computer and camera senses and see things. They are hoping to show the world how reliable their autopilot system is. Photo : Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Autonomous cars have been around for a while now and consumers want to know how far the technology has come. Both experts and critics have been studying and analyzing if the world is ready for a fully autonomous car and have been putting different manufacturers to the test. With safety concerns in mind, autonomous car manufacturers like Tesla do not have any choice but to step up their game.

The Car Sees More Than A Human Eye Can

Tesla, the world leader in autonomous car making, recently released a video showing how the car cameras and sensors work. The video shows one side with three segments that show views of the left rear, right rear and a medium range front view. The cameras are seen constantly monitoring and scanning its surroundings while engaged in autopilot. Traffic cones, people, signposts, and possible obstacles are continuously scanned using its eight cameras, 12 new sensors and radar system. The car automatically adjusts its speed depending on the obstacle in front of it and constantly makes adjustments to still make a smooth ride.These is a feat that no human driver could possibly do as we are only limited to our field of vision and instincts.

A Sad Day For Tesla Owners

However, the recent fatality that happened in May on a Florida highway is still fresh for some. A proud Tesla model S owner died in a car crash while the car was engaged in autopilot. The Tesla model S failed to avoid a side collision with a truck that caused the life of the car owner. This makes people ask questions if the cars autopilot system is really worth taking the risk. Some might say that they are just no ready yet to bring this kind of technology to the public roads and may put more harm than good. According to recent reports, with the past-recorded accidents of Tesla vehicles in North America alone statistically show that self-driving cars are still more fatal than a human driver.

The Annual Auto Reliability Survey, reported by CNBC, records that Tesla ranked 25 out of 29 automakers. The ranking was based not only on the cars autopilot system, but also from other factors such as the Model X's heavy falcon wing doors, that are malfunctioning at times, water leaks, and climate control and infotainment system problems. This is on top of the premium prices for Tesla cars.

At Least One Life Was Saved

This complaint, however, is part of a growing companies success. A Tesla representative stated that they have addressed about 92 percent of the issues within the past 12 months. Although one fatality was recorded, one American credited Tesla's Autopilot system for saving his life. The man set the car into Autopilot when he felt that he was suffering from a pulmonary embolism, and had the car drive him to the nearest hospital.

No technology is going to be perfect, but Tesla is showing that they are working on the development of their technology faster than any other car company out there. They may still be a long way to a truly reliable self-driving car, but no one can deny that they have advanced more than their competitors over the past 10 years. Having an autonomous car is a remarkable experience indeed, but as long as the law requires a qualified person to still be seated in the driver seat, then it is best if we still take caution at all times.


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