'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 5: How To Live Under An Unjust And Unruly Bad Leader

At the very beginning, the series has always focused on challenges about leadership. Who gets to be the leader? What is their responsibilities to the people they lead? How do leaders make good decisions for the community? Its answers to those questions rusted over questions, "Rick is the leader because he's the protagonist," but it will occasionally dig into why, say, his decision to declare preemptive war against the Saviors blew up in his face.

Rick Leads As A Protagonist Against Vicious Negan

Since this guy, Negan came on the scene, however, leadership have taken on even more urgency. Now, the question isn't just when somebody follows will makes a good leader, but what one does when forced to rule under a leader they believe to be a genuine presage to their lives and livelihood? And the show has offered a variety of answers to that question.

So "Go Getters" makes for an interesting allegory in the current political situation, especially because scene is much of it focuses on Maggie, who knows thoroughly how terrible Negan can be. She refuses to spill it out - but also knows she's unlikely to suddenly overturn the system she lives in. So, what's her answer to this question? It involves working insider.

Go-Getters Episode - Idealistic Leadership At Play; Allegory Of Trump Presidency

But what makes "Go Getters" episode great? For her is that it returns to one of the core beliefs of The Walking Dead: What makes our heroes worth following is that they don't give up of what was good about the pre-zombie world. There are arguments of being safe and to live, but they're trying to build a place where people can work peacefully and community that will move on while in an apocalyptic era. And that's a worthy goal of itself to achieve.

The season episode is quite challenging for those who were "old cast". This has been a talking circulating effects of President-elect Donald Trump's victory. Some says it might have twisted plots now to convey Trump's idealistic ruling of a "leader". It may be helpful or may not however since it talks about good leadership, the story will truly be a model for governing people and the community.

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