Google´s Smart Contact Lens Won´t Be Tested This Year

By Luis Fran , Nov 21, 2016 07:04 PM EST

Google´s (now Alphabet´s) futuristic smart contact lens won´t be tested in 2016, since one of its main partners Novartis explained that it won´t be able to achieve its goal of testing this incredible technology in the remaining weeks of this year, because of some technically complex process that both companies are facing. However, far from being explained which are these issues, the reasons remain undisclosed.

The Delay Could Be A Huge Problem For The Smart Contact Lens

According to the International Business Times, a spokesperson from Novartis explained that although it is too soon to announce the exact moment in which the human clinical test for the smart contact lens will start, both Google and the pharmaceutical company will be providing updates at the proper time.

However, the big issue is that this delay will affect the smart contact lens that provides auto-focusing for people for far-sightedness, which could represent an important setback for both companies, giving the fact that in addition to the one that was designed to monitor the blood glucose levels of people with diabetes, this device was expected to be one of the greatest products ever released by the tech giant.

An Incredible Device Which Could Revolutionize Health Care

According to Engadget, both smart contact lenses were considered for Google as an important long-term bets on the future of health care, giving the fact that this device would treat presbyopia and diabetes in a way that would revolutionize the treatment of both diseases. Also, the huge problem is that there´s no guarantee that this device would be ready quick, and it is not known if the wait is going to be short or we have going to wait years for this product to come.

Far from being the only company who´s betting in this kind of devices, Samsung is also working on a smart contact lens that is capable of projecting augmented reality experiences to the wearer´s vision, which could also be an innovation that could possible change the world for good. The only thing that is sure is that none of this is going to be released this year.

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