Officials Said That Kremlin´s Computer Networks Can´t Be Hacked

Russia Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) director, Sergei Plugotarenko, assured that is absolutely impossible to hack Kremlin´s computer network since any kind of sensitive government information is not connected to the internet. This declaration comes after reports that claimed successful operations from U.S. military hackers, penetrating Russia´s power grid, Kremlin´s command systems, and telecommunications networks.

Kremlin´s Computers Information Is Divided In Two Levels

According to the International Business Times, the RAEC director explained that in order to protect classified documents from the government, the state information system is divided into an external level (in particular, media-relate) and internal level, which is critically important. Giving this detail, Plugotarenko said that the Kremlin data can´t be hacked considering that it is physically separated from the external internet.

American TV Broadcaster NBC, reported earlier that Russian network had become weak against cyber strikes coming from the United States. Moments later, Kremlin official Dmitry Peskov claimed that the computer security in Russia was kept at the proper level countering the attack. Also, Russian Communication Minister Nikolai Nikiforov told the American hackers would have a hard time trying to break into Kremlin´s IT infrastructure.

Russia Has Been Blamed For Interfering With The US Elections

Weeks ago, the U.S. government blamed Russia for being behind the cyberattacks that the Democratic National Convention suffered, in which the emails of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta were released by WikiLeaks. These publications were extremely damaging to Clinton´s image, and many people as the NSA chief Michael Rogers believes that it could be an operation ruled by the Kremlin in order to get Donald Trump elected.

Naturally, both WikiLeaks and Russia was accused for wanting to interfere with the elections, and days after the results a Kremlin analyst explained that Putin´s government could have helped the non-profit organization. According to TASS, Plugotarenko said that such accusations are just a part of the election and post election hysteria, and that the Russian government didn't had anything to o with what happened in the U.S.

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